We're very excited to launch our newly designed 100% sustainable Eco webbing!

Care instructions

If you have a mucky dog like our Seamus was, you can clean with a damp cloth or if needs be machine wash on a gentle wool cycle.

I recommend you take off the collar if it becomes wet on a walk and leave to dry before wearing again.  After all, leaving on a wet collar can't be comfy and after a long walk there's always a long sleep!

Harris Tweed is a natural material and will pull if you have a dog that tends to scratch at their collar - please inspect regularly to ensure it's kept at it's best.

We have many returning customers over the last 10 years who appreciate our products for their long lasting and hard wearing qualities. So that you and your pet enjoy our products for as long as possible please read and follow this guide -

We guarantee your product for 2 years when used as intended:

  • I.D  tags: We would recommend a lightweight tag in plastic or wood which are readily available online. Heavy metal tags can cause damage over time and may weaken the clasp if dented. Please inspect the collar on a regular basis.
  • A good fit:  They have a very high tensile strength as long as the collar is the correct size for your dog. We recommend a minimum 3 inches/75mm between the tri-glide and clasp.
  • Strong dogs: If your dog pulls strongly on the lead when out on walks, we would always recommend a harness for their comfort and safety. It is important to regularly check your dog's collar and hardware for any wear and tear

 *Please note: The aluminium clasps are not suitable for exposure to salt water and should the collar become wet on a walk it must be taken off and dried before the next use.