We're very excited to launch our newly designed 100% sustainable Eco webbing!

Sizing Guide

Measuring Guide

All dogs vary in size and even between breeds.  Here is a guide to measuring your dog for a perfect fit of their collar.

  • Ideally you will need a flexible tape measure, but you could use a piece of string and then measure that.
  • Place around your dogs neck, where the collar would naturally sit.
  • You are looking for a snug fit not a tight one. This will give you the length you require.
  • If the measurement is between sizes then opt for the larger size.


SIZE Clasp Size Collar Length Example Breeds
XS 3/4" 12-15" Shih Tsu, Bishon Frise, Jack Russell
S 3/4" 15-18" Cocker Spaniel, Cockerpoo, Schnauzer
M 1" 15-18" Weimaraner, Boxer, Red Setter
L 1" 18-23" Labrador, golden Retriever,


 Dog Harness

Simply measure around your dogs body just behind their front legs.  If you're unsure at all about the size please get in touch and I'll be happy to make bespoke for no extra cost.

 X-small  19-22"

Small      22-26"

Medium  26-29"